Omega Montage Premier Massage Chairs

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Omega Montage Premier Massage Chairs

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Omega Montage Premier Massage Chairs

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SKU: Montage Premier
Dimensions: 45 x 33 x 47
Massage Areas: Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hips, Legs, Feet
Warranty: 5 years
Other Features:Heat Therapy in backrest, seat and footrest, •5 Automatic Programs including Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Night, Morning, •Lower Body Traction function to stretch the lower body

Our top of the line is the Montage Premier massage chair recliner. If you are looking to take your massage therapy to the next level, you have found the massage chair. The Montage Premier has 5 automatic programs, 4 manual massage therapy programs and 4 back courses to pinpoint any area on the back, neck and shoulders. The air compression massage covers your hands, arms, hips, buttocks, calves and feet. The Montage Premier has a reflexology foot massage. This is an extremely effective foot massage with airbags for the arch and the heal. Turn up the heat with full body heat in the back rest, seat and foot rest. We also included the first wireless sub-remote which can run most every function. The foorest is adjustable another 4 inches and the foot rest pivots 90 degrees for your comfort. We designed this massage chair to accommodate users up to 6' 5". The Montage Premier massage chair recliner is redefining health and luxury. 

Montage Premier Massage Chair with Arm Massage Reflexology Foot Massage, Full Body Heat & Lower Body Traction

Massage Chair Functions:

  • 5 Automatic Programs including Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Night, Morning
  • 4 Massage Techniques including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, and Combination (Kneading/Tapping)
  • 4 Back Massage Courses including Whole Back, Thoracic, Cervical and Lumbar
  • Hip Vibration to stimulate capillary vessels in buttocks and thighs
  • 4 levels of massage intensities - low, medium, high
  • 4 massage-roller width selections to cover your back
  • 4 Levels of air pressure for the seat and footrest
  • 4 Manual operations of air massage for buttocks, thigh, feet/calves & arms/hands
  • Manual adjustment of back rollers to pinpoint massage
  • Timed massages from 5 to minutes with 5 minute increment adjustment
  • Lower Body Traction function to stretch the lower body
  • Music Therapy with synchronized massageHeat Therapy in backrest, seat and footres

Therapeutic Massages: Sit back in the plush comfort of the Montage Premier massage chair.  The Montage Premier has many therapeutic massages for you to enjoy.  Select from the 5 automatic programs of this massage chair including Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Night, and Morning.  The automatic massage programs are full body massages where each one is designed for a specific purpose.  Select from 4 manual massage techniques including Kneading, Tapping, Rolling, and Shiatsu (Kneading/Tapping).  With the Montage Premier massage chair, you can select from 4 back courses including the Whole Back, Thoracic, Cervical and Lumbar.  When selecting the back courses, the massage will be focused on the area selected.  Got a particular trouble area? No problem, move the back rollers manually up and down to pinpoint a specific area of focus.   This massage chair has it all.

Reflexology: The foot massage mechanism of the Montage Premier contains several strategically placed nodules in the foot channels. The nodules are utilized during the compression of the lower airbags causing the pressure points in the foot, reflexology pressure points, to be activated. During compression the nodules raise the arch of the foot, while stimulating the acupressure points, and the airbags gently squeeze and stretch the foot releasing tension, increasing lower body circulation, and furthering relaxation.

Massage Functions: The Montage Premier massage chair has 4 manual massage functions to choose from including: tapping, rolling, kneading, or combinations of all the massage functions. In automatic program mode or manual mode, enhance your massage with the air pressure and the hip vibration feature. Select from three levels of speed for the roller massage, as well as the air pressure massage, ranging from: low, medium, and high. The massage roller width will auto-adjust to the body type, or it can also be manually adjusted from narrow, regular, and wide.

4 Massage Techniques of the Montage Premier:

Kneading: This masage technique feels like the fingers and thumbs of two hands squeezing in unison as they carefully and methodically work their way upwards to loosen stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Pressing: The massage rollers go up and down along the spine from your lower back up to your neck and back down, relieving pressure from compresed cervical disks by gently stretching the ligaments of your back.

Tapping: This technique feels like the edges of two hands rhythmically tapping to penetrate into the body and relax your muscles. Tapping is recommended for the tender muscles of the neck or as a finishing massage.

Kneading & Tapping Combination: This massage feels like a pair of thumbs carefully alternating between the right and left sides as they zero in on their target. The tapping helps to stimulate loosen up your muscles. If you are feeling a little stiff this massage technique will rejuvenate you. 


Operating Voltage 110~120V / 50~60Hz
Power Consumption 120 to 290 Watts
Massaging Rated 30 Minutes
Recline Angle 115~175 Degrees
Massage Stroke Length 30 Inches
Dimensions W33' xD45' xH47 (Upright)
W33' xD71 xH33 (Recline)
Net Weight 185 lbs
Cover Fabric Materials Fire Retardant PVC Leather
Remote Control(s) LCD Remote with wireless sub-remote
Included Digital Remote Control
Wireless Sub-Remote Control
MP3 Music Player
256mb USB Flash Memory Stick
Detachable Headrest Cushion
Detachable Seat Cushion
Removable Back Pad

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