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Repose R-100 Massage Chair
Osaki OS-1000 Series Massage Chairs
Repose R-600 Massage Chair
Dimensions: 48 x 31 x 43
Massage Areas: Shoulders, Back, Thighs, Calves
Warranty: 1 year
Features: Auto Timer
Dimensions: 47 x 30 x 73
Massage Areas: Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hips, Legs, Feet
Warranty: 3 years
Features: Vibration Massage On Seat & Calves, Intelligent 4 Roller System, 6 Levels of Adjustable Intensity, 4 Massage Types,
Dimensions: 52 x 32 x 48
Massage Areas: Neck, Shoulders, Back, Legs, Feet
Warranty: 1 year
Features: Music Synchronized Massage
Was: $1,699.00
 Now: $1,199.00 
Was: $2,595.00
 Now: $1,399.00 
Was: $2,799.00
 Now: $1,999.00 
Human Touch HT-5040 WholeBody™ Massage Chair
Human Touch PC-095 Perfect Chair® Classic Power
Human Touch PC-006 Perfect Chair® Classic Manual
Dimensions: 45 x 29 x 44
Massage Areas: Back, Calves, Feet
Warranty: 5 Year
Features: Human Touch Technology™, SofSuede™, Three Shoulder Height Adjustments, Power Recline
Dimensions: 43 x 32 x 49
Massage Areas: None
Warranty: 38 x 40 x 82
Features: Genuine leather and sofsuede, rugged frame and rails
Dimensions: 39 x 30 x 49
Massage Areas: None
Warranty: 3 Years
Features: Solid Wood Base, Rugged Frame and Rails, Easy Glide Recline System
Was: $2,299.00
 Now: $1,999.00 
Was: $2,199.00
 Now: $2,099.00 
Was: $2,199.00
 Now: $1,799.00 
Human Touch PC-075 Perfect Chair® Silhouette
Human Touch PC-085 Perfect Chair® Traditional
Repose R-200 Massage Chair
Dimensions: 41 x 29 x 47
Massage Areas: None
Warranty: 3 Year
Features: Sleek-silhouette, Perfect Fit, Electric Recline
Dimensions: 43 x 34 x 49
Massage Areas: None
Warranty: 3 Years
Features: Electric Recline, Cushoned, Top-Grain Leather
Dimensions: 46 x 31 x 47
Massage Areas: Kneck, Back, Legs
Warranty: 1 year
Features: Kneading, Knocking and Synchronized Massages
Was: $2,199.00
 Now: $2,099.00 
Was: $2,599.00
 Now: $2,299.00 
Was: $2,712.85
 Now: $1,799.00 
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